Some of the Common Situations a Family Law Attorney Can Help You With

Every year, millions of people in the U.S. reach out to a family law attorney for legal assistance with family issues. These situations are usually highly emotionally charged, difficult to manage, and can cause a lot of stress among everyone involved.

With so many people needing to engage the services of a family law attorney in Texas, what are the most common situations that require their legal guidance?

How Your Family Law Attorney Helps With Common Child Custody Issues


The end of a marriage is one of the most challenging personal situations anyone can face, as children, property, and possessions are usually debated and argued over before a dissolution is finalized. Not only are you dealing with the end of your relationship, but your home and family life can be called into question and threatened as well.

In contrast, if you and your spouse wish to divorce amicably, Texas allows ‘no-fault’ divorce, so you won’t need to provide any evidence to prove the split has been caused by one party or the other. Other reasons you may be able to site include cruelty, adultery and abandonment if your situation fits with the criteria.

Child Custody Issues

Child custody law covers a wide range of issues, including parental suitability, visitation rights, adoption and fostering, custody arrangements and cases involving child protection services. Regardless of whether you’re rejoicing at the agreement of an adoption or devastated at the possibility of losing custody of your children, you should be properly represented both in and out of court.

Although you will be guided through the adoption process if you’re completing a traditional domestic adoption, those who wish to adopt a spouse’s child or other related child may be confused as to the law in Texas.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a very serious and sensitive issue, and are cases that should be managed carefully. Family law attorneys can represent the domestic violence victim or the accused in court. Often domestic violence is involved in divorce proceedings or child protection matters, and you should be adequately represented no matter which side of the case you’re on.

If you feel the need to feel better protected, you can ask a family lawyer to apply for a temporary or general restraining order under Texas laws to keep a violent partner away from you. There are severe penalties, including fines and jail terms, for those who violate such a protective order.

Family law attorneys can significantly reduce the stress caused by disputes with relatives. Don’t hesitate to retain the services of one should you find yourself pitted against your own family.


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